The Term Of This Agreement Is

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If [PART A] decides to acquire assets in accordance with paragraph [OPTION OF PART A], [PART A] shall pay for each asset the fair value of the asset determined on the effective date of the acquisition and taking into account the depreciation and condition of the asset. The effect of the termination clearly shows the impact of the termination of the agreement on the obligations of each party and how the documents and documents that have been shared should be returned at the end of the agreement. As a general rule, the end of the contract terminates all the obligations of the parties. However, it should not excuse the obligation of one Party to make payments that have not yet been made to the other Party at the end of the Agreement. This is described in detail in the “Effect of Termination” clause. The duration of the contract is “after authorization” and can be terminated by the merchant without justification with a period of thirty (30) days and without penalty. Annulment of the reasoned opinion. . .