Uwa Sponsored Research Agreement

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Students and staff, including headteachers, are not allowed to accept research grants or post-docctoral scholarships or to accept award conditions on behalf of the university. In many cases, promotion agencies require chief investigators and principals to sign the acceptance of the offer form, but these signatures alone are not a formal takeover by the university. Funding is allocated to faculties [$30,000 each], the Institute of Agriculture (IoA) [10k], the Oceans Institute (OI) [10k] and the School of Indian Studies (10k) to make decisions about the strategic use of funds to maximize the productivity benefits of the university`s research. The DVCR will have a budget of $50,000 to support one or two major funding offers from inter-faculty/SIS/Institute teams to deal with the Grand Challenge (s) identified by the university. Details of the award will be sent to marketing and communication for future publication in UWA News, if the researcher has agreed on the offer acceptance form. The UWA Research Collaboration Awards (RCA) have the dual objective of ending international research cooperation or promoting research partnerships in the industry. The overall objective of the programme is to facilitate cooperation leading to long-term research alliances. The RCA program aims to provide UWA researchers and students with better research opportunities in publications, research grants, industry and international links and research training. Grants of up to $30,000 are available. In December 2015, the Commonwealth government announced changes to the RBGs, which are scheduled to begin on January 1, 2017.

The amendments will reduce the current six research grants to two programs: the Research Support Program (PHR) and the Research Training Program (RTP). These changes include the search for increased cooperation between research and industry, which focuses on the success of the industry and other end-users, as well as on the quality of research. Under the new funding agreements, Australia`s competition grants (category 1) and end-user research revenues (categories 2, 3 and 4) will be weighted in the same way, each contributing 20% of the BSL funds to the PSSR. All applications for external research funding should be submitted at least two weeks prior to the external reference date, unless otherwise indicated, on research grants and funding. There are additional complications when students are also employed as collaborators on the same project they work as students. In addition to the transfer of intellectual property, emergency arrangements may be required to cover other situations that may arise from differences in the rights and duties of staff and students, such as. B as conflict and benefit management, leave and separation rules. Some fellowships include cooperation with other research organizations through multi-institutional agreements (MIA), subcontracting contracts or cooperation agreements in which researchers outside UWA are mentioned in the application. The external researcher`s assessment is part of the evaluation criteria and they assume the intellectual responsibility of the research.

A portion of the grant is often transferred to their institution.