Boeing General Terms Agreement

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All copyrighted materials that are protected by copyright on this site, including design, text, graphics, images, sound files and other files, as well as their selection and arrangement (“Materials”), are protected by copyright, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, by Boeing and/or third parties. Except for the foregoing, none of the materials may be copied, distributed, redeployed, downloaded, displayed, posted or transferred, without the prior written permission of Boeing or the copyright owner, in any form, including, but not limited to, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or other recordings, copied, distributed, newly published, downloaded, displayed, posted or transferred. Permission is given to display, copy, distribute and download the materials on this website solely for personal, non-commercial and informative use; provided that you do not copy, publish or publish materials on a computer network or in broadcast or publication media without the permission of Boeing or the copyright owner (a), (b) modify the materials, and (c) remove or modify the copyright notices and other titles contained in the materials. Before downloading or copying photos or images from the image gallery, you must agree to the terms and conditions of use for non-commercial images. Any request for a commercial license for Boeing`s copyrighted materials is subject to prior authorization and should be directed to Boeing Copyright Licensing: personnel. The seller prepares and packages the parts in accordance with his usual business practices. Delivery of parts is made at the seller`s facility of FCA (Incoterms 2010), except as set forth below with respect to the transfer of ownership and risk of loss for parts shipped from the United States to a destination outside the United States. The seller ships the parts by the type designated by the buyer and the carrier in accordance with the shipping instructions in the respective order. If the buyer does not give instructions on the shipping method, the shipping method is left to the discretion of the seller. Seller will schedule delivery in accordance with its standard delivery time, unless Seller agrees in writing to a separate delivery date.

The seller reserves the right to make partial deliveries against all order needs and, if possible, to deliver them before the scheduled delivery date.