Artist Short Licensing Agreement Template

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In addition, the artist grants the Fellow the right to reproduce the image on the Fellow`s website and any other promotional material of the Fellow. 6) The artist understands that all profits from the sale of the artist`s goods benefit the fellow. Licensor shall make available a colour print in transparent black and white colour, an electronic version of Slidean of 35 mm of the work of art, from which licensee may manufacture the work of art for the purposes described in this Agreement. If the fellow wants a digital image of art, add a sentence that indicates whether or not the artist can provide a digital image of their artwork. The use of manufacturer contracts, when you`re just getting started, is okay, but if you`re setting up your stuff, it`s best to sit in the driver`s seat and use your own default contract. If, on the basis of the licensor`s invitation (as described above (d), the licensee re-enters the continuation of the use of one of the works of art (including, if necessary, collective works) (including, where applicable, collective works) (including, where applicable, collective works) following the licensor`s request (as described above), Uss the licensor at its own expense and at its choice: Allow both parties to benefit from the licensed use of works of art. .