Club News

April 2017

Bob Botto in 2017 Relay for Life

Each year for the past several years our Teammate Bob Botto has run in the American Cancer Society Relay for Life. This running event is one in which each participant runs several miles in a relay with the goal of raising money for the fight against Cancer. Bob has run several miles in his noble effort to fight Cancer. Bob has also raised many thousands of dollars from those who sponsor him in the Relay.
Anyone who has an interest in sponsoring Bob with a donation to the American Cancer Society should do so at Bob’s donation page

July 2011

The Indomitable Boris Balic Turns 75!

Boris Balic, Terlingua’s multifaceted runner, resident boxer (the former lightweight champion of Yugoslavia), one time finisher of the Houston Marathon jump roping the entire way, and one time finisher of roughly 150 races in one year, entered the new age group of 75 and older on July 9th. This was just in time for him to complete the July 16th  Lunar Rendezvous Run in 29:38, good for 2nd place, a mere 6 minutes behind long time Terlinguan, Ino Cantu.  Boris reports that he has had a successful running season, having finished his 31st Houston Marathon in 6:16:41 (age graded to 4:23:18).  Congratulations, Boris!

LP Run 2012 New Location

After a long and successful association with St. Thomas High School Terlingua’s LP Run will not be held again there in 2012. It is fortunate that a number of schools have been in contact with Terlingua to be a possible host for the April 2012 Race. The final decision on the new location will likely be made before the end of the summer, 2011. Terlingua is committed to making the 2012 Race a quality event, worthy of its participation in the HARRA Championship series. Stay tuned.

Terlingua Athletes on the Mend

Terlinguans Ken Ruane (torn plantar fascia), Serai Abraham (fractured wrist from bike accident), Tracy Shepperd (surgery), Ben Harvie (fractured wrist from swim accident) and Alex Galbraith (thyroid surgery) all report that they are learning to exercise patience in the process of recovery and look forward to getting back to full speed. We hope you get well soon, faithful rabbits!

Bob Botto Elected as a Fellow of the American Chemical Society

Terlingua’s Bob Botto, ultrarunner extraordinaire, has demonstrated the same excellence in the workplace as he has in his ultra runs. He has been invited to receive an award on August 29th in Denver Colorado, for being elected as a fellow to the American Chemical Society, only the third person from ExxonMobil to achieve this prestigious award. Congratulations Bob!

Terlinguan Ironmen and Ironwomen

Terlingua celebrates the naming of its ironmen and ironwomen by HARRA.  Those who qualified for the fall 2010 Ironfoot award include: Victor Aguirre, Deb Clifford, Bob Hoekman, Ben Harvie, Rich Fredrich, and Vicki Jones, Amber Lippincott and Jack Lippincott. Those who qualified for the spring 2011 Ironfoot award include: Victor Aguirre, Ben Harvie, Vicki Jones and Jack Lippincott.  Congratulations to all Ironfoot award winners on your achievements!

Success for Hoekmans in One Hour Run

Bob and Peggy Hoekman completed the always challenging Titus van Rijn Hour Run in the State of Washington in June of 2011.  Bob covered the 60 minutes with a distance of 11,400 meters (1st 70+ age group) and Peggy ran the race as a workout finishing with 7900 meters, good for 2nd in her age group.